Finnish Chamber for Impact Partnerships

Chambre finlandaise pour les partenariats d'impact

Suomen Kehitysyhteistyökamari ry (Finland)

A cooperation platform to develop and foster high impact projects of sustainable development in developing countries.

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Who We Are

FC4IP is a Finland based civil organization working in developing countries, with a current focus on the African continent. We provide inclusive co-creative services to design and implement high-impact development projects, such as S4D programmes and initiatives.

Our strategic goal is to act as a platform for co-creation and co-innovation to initiate, promote and facilitate co-development programmes and projects with long-term impact and socio-economic opportunities, while respecting human rights and protecting the environment.

Through the experience of our community and partners, we enable stakeholders to achieve effective development impact combined with profitable sustainable business opportunities. Our comprehensive network of multidisciplinary experts consists of private and public sector actors from Finland, Europe and from partners in developing economies.

What We Do

Our current focus is on Sport for Development (S4D), sport and school infrastructure programmes in West-Africa, particularly in the Senegal, Thiès and Ziguinchor regions.

As a comprehensive and multidisciplinary platform, FC4IP aims to promote the Green Transition, the development of low-carbon built environments, the provision of sports and educational activities for all, and the achievement of effective development impacts combined with sustainable operational opportunities and continuity.

FC4IP brings together private, public and third sector actors interested in sustainable development projects in emerging markets. Our project initiatives are always driven by local needs and we work together with stakeholders to find comprehensive, high quality sustainable solutions to overcome challenges and to maximise socio-economic impact. We liaise and collaborate with local authorities and various other stakeholders in identifying and researching project opportunities.

A tailored financial and operational infrastructure is created for each project. Project feasibility is ensured by identifying suitable impact investors and other financial partners. FC4IP provides support during a project through all its phases by consulting, training, and offering other individual support services. Participation and appropriate training of local talent creates the conditions for successful engagement and ownership, as well as continued sustainable operations extending beyond the project timeline.

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Activities and initiatives

Our current focus on West Africa, but our concepts and solutions are equally applicable almost anywhere. We are involved in the planning and initiation of several major projects and initiatives. These include activities such as the design and construction of learning environments and campus centres, multimedia/skills centres, sports arenas and S4D programmes, teacher education and knowledge transfer programmes, as well as supporting sustainable, self-sufficient insfrastructure and green energy solutions.

Current activities

  • Casa Sports Sport Centre and sport institute with the Casa Sports Sport Club (Ziguinchor, Senegal)
  • Casa Academy - Center of Excellence in Sport, sport academy S4D initiative with Kuortane Olympic Training Center, Casa Sports SC, Université Assane Seck de Ziguinchor, L’Inspection D’Académie de Ziguinchor
  • UASZ sports, development of sport infrastructure and facilities at the University of Assane Seck with CROUS-Z in Ziguinchor
  • CEM Malick Fall school rehabilitation project with L’Inspection D’Académie de Ziguinchor


The FC4IP network consists of private and public actors from Finland, from other European countries and from emerging economies. We work together, learn from each other and co-create innovative development projects that benefit equally benefit all parties.

  • List of our selected partners
  • Senegal
  • Casa Sports Sport Club
  • Casa for Future (C4F)
  • IAZ - L’Inspection D’Académie de Ziguinchor
  • CROUS-Z - Centre Regional des Oeuvres Universitaires Sociales de Ziguinchor
  • Université Assane Seck de Ziguinchor
  • Finland
  • Kuortane Olympic Training Center
  • Architects LSV
  • GR Group Ltd.
  • Finnish Education Group (FEG)
  • Attoverde Ltd.
  • Casagrande Laboratory
  • TAMK
  • LUT
  • Kaira Clan
  • Education Tampere
  • Varala Sports Institute

And many more...

Call for Action: Join Us to make a Difference

Please feel warmly welcome to become a partner and bring your excellent contribution to projects that create the difference.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to mobilise and leverage our expertise to provide solutions to the needs of developing economies in a responsible, sustainable, and commercially viable manner for all stakeholders.

Our vision is to help our partners find opportunities to fulfil their potential in the developing markets and achieve maximum sustainable impact. We aim to provide an interactive platform for learning and co-creation for the benefit of high-impact, holistic development projects.

Our Values

  • We are committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • We follow the official Africa strategies of Finland and the European Union.
  • We respect local policies and government regulations.
  • We develop together and learn from each other.
  • We consider the needs of all parties equally.
  • Our activities are responsible, sustainable, innovative and impactful.